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Clark has always been a lover of music and history, so the combination of the two provides all the needed inspiration for “Daniel Boone: The Opening of the American West”. Clark’s early musical training took him through guitar, saxophone, and eventually percussion. Throughout adolescence he was blessed to study under some of the best percussion professors in the country (Brian Mason, Jim Campbell, and others). In his college years, Clark began writing and composing music in a variety of styles: folk, rock, orchestral, percussion solo and ensemble music. His current inspirations are composers such as Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, Alan Silvestri, John Williams, David Holsinger, and James Horner. He is inspired by classical composers like Percy Grainger, Shostakovich, Bach, Mozart, and of course Beethoven. He is also inspired by folk, bluegrass, rock, and some pop artists as well.

From 2000-2013 Clark began licensing music as a co-writer and solo writer through his partnership LLC, Icecap Music Publishing Company (ASCAP).

Icecap has licensed and/or had music placements with ~30 clients such as Discovery Channel, ESPN, Lions Gate Films, and MTV. Most recently Icecap signed a new 2013 license for twelve songs to NASCAR under the style of “orchestral rock”.

Clark currently works as the high school and junior high band director at Lexington Christian Academy, Adjunct Professor of Percussion at Asbury University, Volunteer Recruiter at The New Life Day Center, and Director of Artruism Inc. (a new non-profit altruistic arts organization).

Clark lives in Lexington, Kentucky and is married to Amy Cranfill and has two children: Lucy and Sophie.

Linked In – www.linkedin.com/pub/clark-cranfill/9/b3a/201/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/clark.cranfill

E-mail: clark.cranfill@asbury.edu


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