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The Witnessing History Education Foundation, Inc. is a Kentucky nonstock, nonprofit corporation created to produce and finance documentary films on all aspects of American History for broadcast on public television, and to provide tours and lectures, produce articles, pamphlets, and other print and electronic publications for the purpose of making such information readily available to the public.  It is incorporated under IRC Section 501(c)(3), and accordingly, all the assets and earnings of the foundation shall be used exclusively for its tax exempt purpose and no part of the net earnings will inure to the benefit of any member, incorporator, director, or officer, and no substantial part of its activities shall be for the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise influencing legislation.

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You can be a part of this effort by contributing a tax-deductible gift to help fund specific projects, or to the foundation generally:

Give to the Cushing film

Give to the Foundation

You can also contribute by mail by completing this form cushing-general-sponsorship and mailing it, along with payment, to the Witnessing History Foundation, P. O. Box 1208, Lexington, KY  40588-1208.

Please email me at KMB@USA.NET or call 859-455-9330 if you have any questions.

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